Support & FAQ

  • Can anyone set up a budget for free?

    Yes, is free for anyone to use. We want everyone to be able to create and maintain a simple, easy but powerful budget.         

  • Does it work on a Mac? On windows?

    Yes, will work on any platform, even mobile platforms.        

  • Are my data and my info safe? 

    We encrypt the traffic with an SSL certificate and we secure the hosting server as per industry standards.        

  • Can I add my own expense names? 

    Not, yet. But this feature is one we will add very soon.        

  • What is a Goal? 

    A goal is something you save up for. A new car, a house or something else. It can also be that you are an expatriate in a foreign country and you want to save up a certain amount before you move back home - then you set that amount as goal and the amount you want to put aside every month, and you can then see when you will reach your goal. 

  • I forgot my password, what do I do? 

    In the login window (click here) there is a forgot password feature. Click that to reset your password.

  • What does Planned and Actual mean? 

    Planned amount is the amount you expect for income or expense. Actual is the amount you actually paid.  For example, you planned the expense for electricity would be 400 for the month. When the actual bill arrived and you paid it, it was 324,75. This is what you input in Actual. Then we will calculate the difference and show you in the column to the right of Actual column. You can add a note to explain the difference if you want. 

4 easy steps to better financials

1. Register for free.
2. Login and start building your budget by going through the step-by-step wizard.
3. After you're done with the wizard, go to the budget page and see your budget - edit the number to match your income and expenses.
4. Now just maintain the budget and try to keep the numbers positive every month.
Bonus: Add your Goals and see how fast you can realise them.

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